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The symposium represents an opportunity to advance answers to above and related questions, especially (but not solely) in the fields of urban studies, urban planning and design, service design, geography, sociology, anthropology, and innovation studies. Attendees of the symposium are expected to address the key topics with highly critical approach and grounded on research findings from fieldwork and real case-study experience; collection of observations, mapping and interpretation of emerging phenomena representing clues that we are experiencing the dawn of a new urban era.
Up to twelve contributions to the symposium will be selected upon the submission of an extended abstract (up to 1,500 words, plus references) via email at

by 24th November 2017 4th December 2017. Upon a double blind peer review by the scientific committee, selected contributions will be presented by the author(s) at the symposium.

Special issue with Urban Science/

Urban Sciece - Sharing Cities Shaping Cities

Contributions selected to be presented at the Sharing Cities Shaping Cities symposium will benefit from a free submission to the special issue ‘Sharing Cities’ published in the international scientific journal Urban Science.
The deadline for the submission of full papers is June 4th 2018. More information are available here.